Wadestown Garden Honey

Wadestown Garden Honey

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This leafy garden suburb  is host to some of the capitals most stunning & cared for gardens that provide our 3 bee hives with ample nourishment and plenty of sunshine bathed shelter year round.

Possessing an array of botanicals this artisan 'back yard ' multi-flora honey is continually engaging to the enthusiast as year in and year out it has subtle differences depending on what flowers strongly and what doesn't .

Generally you can expect an underlining creaminess  from the rich amount of native Pōhutukawa  contrasted with an array of vibrant  introduced varietals that present sweet to occasionally citrus tastes.

An ideal all-round immunity honey for local residents it is enjoyed straight  or in food such as salad dressings to desserts. Texture and viscosity is commonly soft but may crystallise depending on levels of Pōhutukawa nectar in each batch.

Not to be missed for both locals & visitors alike this limited release is harvested in both late Spring and at the end of Summer allowing for variance depending on which batch is jarred first. 


- 12/350  Available

- Beekeeper(s) : Shamus 

- Hive(s) location : Cecil Road

- 160g

- Batch No. W001

- MMXVIII ( 2018/2019 Season )

- Raw

- Course filtered

- 12 month aged

- Use for : Immunity support , allergy relief