- Our ethos is that only happy bees make healthy honey. Therefore it is not honey that is important but how bees are kept and why.

Founded by the son of a part time, passionate & hobbyist bee keeper in the small  coastal township of Eastbourne in Wellington, New Zealand , Earthend aims to celebrate the bio diversity of this unique country and the crucial role of pollinator insects to our world.

Focussing on quality of produce vs quantity through the ethos of promoting bee welfare within sustainable beekeeping practises,  our interest has always been in highlighting the difference between ' free range' procurement versus commercial mechanised agriculture.

By exploring origin Earthend aims to identify the importance of factors such as climate and environment considering geography which has significant impact on how and what form the honey we offer takes.

Staying sincere to traditional methods our honey whether sourced or produced by our own small in house team is only cold processed ( un pasteurised ) and unfiltered.

The advantages of this are that our honey retains & offers:

- All vitamins , nutrients & enzymes intact including pollen & propolis
- Anti-viral 
- Anti-fungal
- Anti-bacterial 
- Promotes digestive health
- Boosts immunity
- Anti inflammatory
- Allergy relief 
- Assists in stabilising blood pressure & balancing blood sugar levels
- Rich in flavonoids
In addition to  offering the most authentic fresh honey our batches are independently batch aged in high quality food grade stainless steel tanks for a minimum of 6 months prior to release. We strongly believe honey has a living energy long after extraction that must be delicately cured at low temperatures as it begins the metamorphous from a fresh, clear & runny warm liquid to a  crystallised & mature form.
Stay tuned for updates on limited release batches ,shared knowledge and please write to us if you have any questions or feedback along with checking out the ways you can help bees via our 'Support' page above.
We are a very small but growing collective and are looking forward to the quest ahead in sourcing authentic  New Zealand honey for you to enjoy & medicinally benefit from.


Aroha nui,

The team.