Established in 2016 at the coastal township of Eastbourne in New Zealand, Earthend begun  to explore the power of flora & fauna within this worldly isolated country and a connection to these lands for healthy prolonged well being.

Starting with a couple buckets of family honey the objective was to showcase this fine tasting ,rare nectar derived from an ongoing struggle between father, son , bee and most significantly climate.  

With a key focus on quality vs quantity through best parctise we then set about  to source season driven produce from independent free range producers that celebrates origin and environmental diversity in a even light.

All of our honey is aged, un pasteurised , cold processed by hand without the use of heat from natural bush & occasional urban settings that employ non intensive farming practises.This is something we strongly believe in especially given our nations history of traditional family orientated , free range producers that play a key role in supporting healthy environments for others.

As essential pollinators we rely on bees to provide significant food sources and now more than ever they require our continual support being totally dependent on mankind for survival.

Stay tuned for updates on limited release goods ,shared knowledge and please write to us if you have any questions or feedback . We are a very small but growing collective and are looking forward to the quest ahead .  

Aroha nui,

The team.