Sadly today Bees and other insects are now dependent on humans to protect them.

All around the world this eco logical backbone is facing decline because of Varroa mite infestations and other threats including climate change, habitat loss & man-made chemical poisoning.

Did you know one mouthful in three and nearly 3/4 of the diversity of our daily food is directly attributed to insect pollination ? Therefore it is important to realise that Bees need our help now more than ever as we cannot survive without them.

Please start by;

- Provide fresh pesticide-free drinking water for bees by filling trays with water and pebble islands to avoid drowing

- Plant good nectar and pollen sources in your garden to nourish bees. Check out for ideal options.

- Do not use chemical sprays on flowering plants especially in close proximity to bee hives.

- Support your local bee keeper for their important bio nourishing role in your community