Eastbourne Bush Honey MMXVIII
Eastbourne Bush Honey MMXVIII
Eastbourne Bush Honey MMXVIII
Eastbourne Bush Honey MMXVIII
Eastbourne Bush Honey MMXVIII
Eastbourne Bush Honey MMXVIII
Eastbourne Bush Honey MMXVIII

Eastbourne Bush Honey MMXVIII

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Tau o te Rewa Rewa - Year of the Rewa Rewa

 Once again as the second official release , we are proud to present our own original & signature honey , defined as 'Bush' or Multi-flora  from the native hills and residents gardens in this one of a kind coastal Wellington township.

Known for a dramatically steep & exposed coastal landscape with a rich natural bio diversity, our small handful of apiaries are delicately nurtured against the wild Wellington elements to present  this honey that on average possess up to 300 different botanicals making it powerful ally for general health & well being. 

A land  of orange clay soil that is  rich in minerals,  the Eastbourne hills with their wind swept flora courtesy of  nearby Cook Straight  attribute to  higher than normal levels of sodium found in the nutritional makeup of each unique batch. Studys suggest  that this may help to control your body's fluid balance in addition to helping with the sending of nerve impulses that  affects muscle function for the human body.

Delicately processed by hand this is traditional 'back yard' or free-range honey that is most importantly aged prior to release and un pasteurised or Raw. Additionally strong attention and time is dedicated to  course filtering  for full crystallisation allowing the synergy of all essential pollen, propolis & nectars.

Such a magical honey from  our part of this country we are now proud to offer you this limited second release  that  simply tastes spectacular and is not  be missed for  lovers of bees , independent procurement and the giving New Zealand native forest alike.


Origin: Eastbourne, Wellington 

Apiary Site(s): 2

Hive No. :   7

Batch: 802/1500 remaining

Beekeeper(s): Shamus & John

Prosessor: Sam 

Year: 2018 Spring / Summer

Aged: 15 months ( 12 Stainless tank aged , 3 glass jar )

Flora: Multi-Flora including resident gardens aswell as predominant native botanicals in particular : Kāmahi, Mānuka, Kānuka , Pōhutukawa , Black Beech , Rewa Rewa

Colour: Gold , Amber Orange , Tan 

Taste: Butter , orange , Toffee / caramel - exceptional

Storage: Dark , 10°c

Health: Anti-bacterial , May provide Allergy relief , May support Immunity

Pair:  Goats cheese , Camembert  + Sour dough or nut/seed crackers or ideally consume solely for full medicinal benefit